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Managing volunteers is difficult because there are a lot of things to balance. You have to keep the volunteers happy but also keep your nonprofit’s objectives in mind. Here are some tips to avoid volunteer management mistakes.


Poor Communication

A novice mistake is having poor communication. Maybe your list of regulars doesn’t know about new volunteering opportunities. You could end up short-staffed. Or no logistical instructions are delivered. Volunteers don’t know the right time or where to arrive.

Volunteer management software can deliver the solution you need. It’s not too expensive and will streamline the processes involved. You’ll be able to track communication easily rather than filtering through your crowded email inbox.

You can also appoint a communication chair or team. Delegating is a great way to get things done. To save on expenses, this person could be a volunteer. Many people would jump at the opportunity.


Not a Fulfilling Experience

Volunteers are not getting paid. They could be spending time on hobbies or with their friends. You should try to create a fulfilling experience. They’ll be more likely to volunteer again, speak positively of your nonprofit, and possibly even donate money.

Take each of them aside and talk about what your mission is. Show how their service is impactful and meaningful. Do your best to show how their contributions are helping the cause.

Another helpful tactic is having some sort of onboarding strategy. Print a small packet detailing your nonprofit’s history and contributions to society. Have an employee explain things and answer any questions This way no volunteers fall through the cracks.


No Digital Strategy

We’re in the age of the internet and social media. You’re making an error if you’re only posting sporadically.

Reaching volunteers digitally is much more convenient. Since you can share all types of content, it can also be more engaging.

If you have an old website, consider revamping it. Tools like WordPress make this easy to do. You can use it to list volunteer opportunities. You can also post them on your social media accounts.

A newsletter for your volunteers can also be good. Keeping in touch will boost loyalty.

Volunteer management mistakes are easy to make. Avoid them by following our tips.