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Everyone wants to claim a few good life habits, not just for bragging rights, but simply because they make life less messy. However, without a secure plan, trading in poor habits for positive ones can be a drag. Here is how to effectively make the switch.

Don’t Rely On Willpower

The concept of owning the willpower to create the habits needed to breed a better life is overplayed and a bit weak. It may be easy to work out on bright days when spirits are high but not so much on the dreary ones filled with muscle aches and excuses. Willpower may get us through our tough spots, but the truth is, it is far too unreliable. And what is worse, some people naturally have more drive than others, no matter how hard the deprived may strive to tip the scale in their direction. For these key reasons, we have to debunk the idea that willpower is the magic pill, and just take advantage of it when it is available.

Create Rules

Whether we like them or not, rules carry unmistakable value, and they force us to stay in line for fear of harsh consequences. So, when searching for ways to make habits stick, try implementing certain rules as they set the premise as to how our days are managed. For example, to promote greater fitness, make it a challenge to engage in at least one form of physical activity at once, or to cultivate better relationships, make it a requirement to reach out to one person per day.

Do a Little Bit at a Time

Taking on too much at once is a great way to fail at the basics. Transformation takes time, and being too drastic initially will only lead to heightened frustrations. For longterm results, start small, and increase efforts over time, such as studying for 20 minutes per day until two-hour study periods become a breeze.

As with all other things, the formation of good habits will bring about its own set of pitfalls and obstacles. But no matter how rocky the road may get, with a mindset shift and a whole lot of consistency, anyone can adopt a new routine that will help them evolve to their greatest version.