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Do you love volunteering? Are you curious about what opportunities you can find to help the world? Here are six volunteering blogs that you should follow.

1. VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch is a blog that is managed by Engaging Volunteers in San Francisco, California. The blog brings you articles, tips, research, and advice for finding the ideal volunteer opportunity for your interests. They post twice per month and can help match you to causes and local organizations.

2. Global Gallivanting

If you have a bit of wanderlust, as well as a desire to volunteer, Global Gallivanting is a great blog for you to follow. The articles explain how to live on a shoestring budget while traveling the world to partake of volunteer projects. The author has been living this lifestyle since 2012, and she shares and abundance of information.

3. Flora the Explorer

Flora the Explorer is another blog that helps you learn how to travel the globe and work on volunteering projects that expand your contribution to the world. Flora’s goal is to travel to every continent on the planet, and she shares her insights along the way. You can learn about ethical considerations for volunteering within different cultures, and this truly is an adventure blog at heart.

4. Sterling Volunteers

Started in 2013, Sterling Volunteers blog offers 17 posts each year to help volunteers and nonprofit organizations connect. They offer background screening to organizations for potential volunteers, and those who are interested in dedicating time to causes will find interesting tips, best practices, and insights.

5. African Impact

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, African Impact is one of the World’s Top Rated Volunteer Organizations, and they offer a volunteering blog that you should follow. They understand that volunteers are the driving force behind positive changes in the world. They help you find opportunities in Africa, including conservation efforts, that are meaningful and safe.

6. Volunteer World

If you love the idea of your volunteering taking you around the world, be sure to follow the Volunteer World blog. The organization provides articles, trends, and insights about international volunteer opportunities. You can learn about the service and cost requirements, and the organization helps you with the search and application processes. They post one blog per week, so you will always have something to read.