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If you are generous of spirit and proactive by nature, then you are probably cut out to be a community leader. Anyone who fits this profile has what it takes to lead the charge in making their community a better place. By stepping into the role and making yourself a community leader, you will feel better about yourself while improving the lives of the people around you.

There are a number of ways to go about being a community leader. You can run for office or seek leadership positions in public organizations, putting yourself at the forefront of life in your community. You can also take the initiative to start new and exciting projects, from the founding of a senior center to the creation of a trash clean-up program. Whatever you do, it will be for the better of your community.

Being a true community leader, however, is about more than filling an important position or having blockbuster ideas. It is the little, day-to-day actions that make a real leader stand out. If you consider yourself a community leader, you should take the responsibility of that title on your shoulders every day. That means carrying yourself with integrity and always doing your best to help the people around you, in ways both big and small.

It is important to remember that communities need a number of leaders, all of whom will bring unique talents and help the community in distinct ways. If you are extroverted and boisterous by nature, then go to important meetings and make your voice heard. If you are quieter and prefer to avoid the spotlight there are plenty of ways to engage behind the scenes, from starting petitions or quietly building alliances.

As a community leader, never forget that your effectiveness counts on the support from the people around you. Try to be a good communicator, seeking the opinions of your neighbors and always hearing them out. A great leader listens more than they speak, allowing them to get a feel for the true needs and desires of their community.

Leadership comes easier to some than to others, but if you want to help your community consider taking the necessary steps to become a community leader.