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Michael Harper is a community leader in North Palm Beach, Florida

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Michael Harper North Palm Beach Walk Out or Walk Up_

Walk Out or Walk Up: Parkland Protests Spark Discussions of Responsibility and Safety

It’s great to see young people standing up for what they believe in, and the way their movement is perceived has been fascinating to watch.

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida (1)

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida

From roller coaster lovers to those looking for a meditative experience on the beach, any honeymooning couple can find just the right destination in Florida.

Michael Harper North Palm Beach Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Legislation in Florida

Today, though, with the increased use and urgency of social media, states want to ensure the safety of the roads and all the drivers who use them.

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida

Six Cool Things Coming to Florida in 2018

Here’s 6 of the top attractions you can look forward to opening this coming year:


6 Places To Donate Christmas Gifts in Florida

No matter where you live in Florida, there are many options for bringing hope to the needy this holiday season with donations of gifts.


Ways Your Church can Help during Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving fast approaches, many individuals and churches look for ways to give back to their communities as a way to express their gratitude for a year of prosperity and good fortune. For those who were less fortunate, Thanksgiving can be a somber time, from the lack of family to the dearth of traditional Thanksgiving […]

Michael Harper North Palm Beach Voting Rights for Floridian Felons

Voting Rights for Floridian Felons

Floridian legislatures are debating the passage of the Voting Restoration Amendment

Michael Harper North Palm Beach Harvey and Irma

How Your Church can help Harvey and Irma Victims

You can make a huge impact without physically showing up on the scene

Michael Harper North Palm Beach Best Christian Audio

Best Christian Audio

Here are some places you can go to find quality content for your mind to absorb.

Cory Booker's New Marijuana Law

Cory Booker’s New Marijuana Law

Booker is proud to propose legislation that would not only decriminalize but fully legalize the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana.

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