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Michael Harper is a community leader in North Palm Beach, Florida

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Michael Harper North Palm Beach Parkland

Ways you can Support Parkland Shooting Victims

Even outside of running for an office or championing one set of laws or another, you can demonstrate your support for the victims in a myriad of meaningful ways

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Four Leaders to Remember for Black History Month

Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, and George Washington Carver are household names, but there are other less famous leaders to remember during the month of February.

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida (1)

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida

From roller coaster lovers to those looking for a meditative experience on the beach, any honeymooning couple can find just the right destination in Florida.

Michael Harper North Palm Beach Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Legislation in Florida

Today, though, with the increased use and urgency of social media, states want to ensure the safety of the roads and all the drivers who use them.

Honeymoon Destinations in Florida

Six Cool Things Coming to Florida in 2018

Here’s 6 of the top attractions you can look forward to opening this coming year: